What Others Are Saying

I have been searching for a Volvo specialist since I moved to North County, you know, the kind that loves to keep Volvos humming. They are rare and special people. The first time I took my 240 in for smog certification, I was very impressed with Dave's intelligence and willingness to do whatever it takes to solve an annoying mechanical problem. His prices are fair and he loves to explain his work. My wife drives a Volvo, too, and we couldn't be happier with Dave.  - Rich M. of Oceanside

Thank you for all you did so my car would pass the smog test. It is much appreciated. You went above and beyond the call of duty. -Noreen M.

I have been 10 years or so with Dave at Vol-Spec. Dave is an excellent person, has a great reputation and does a phenomenal job. I have owned Volvos since 1977. A 240, S70, 850 and 940. I tried dealerships before finding Dave Feil. He goes out of his way to do things right, some things I don't think Volvo dealers would do, like spend hours and literally call the other side of the world to solve a nagging three year recurring defect. I am happy to give Dave my personal endorsement. -Ernie D. of Temecula

- I have three Volvos, four if you count my wife's mother's Volvo. We have been driving Volvos since 1966 and customers of Dave Feil for over 20 years. Dave is like a member of the family now; everyone takes their Volvos to him. Several times he fixed my Volvo but didn't want to be paid if the problem wasn't solved. He is one in a million. He is honest as the day is long. We love our Volvos and our Volvo Specialist.  -Ken W.

After a decade of Jaguar ownership, I acquired a Volvo 245 wagon in 1978. Dave has not only fixed my Volvo, he explains everything, removing the fear and dread of my relative naiveté. I especially appreciated his suggestion to replace my original 3 speed automatic drive with a 4 speed/overdrive unit. My Volvo took on a whole new lease on life. In spite of putting on 320,000 more miles on my Volvo wagon, I cruise in absolute security and safety. And there's the admiration my venerable Volvo draws from bystanders! If you own a Volvo and want to make it a joy to drive and own, make Dave a partner in the enterprise. - Jeffrey V. of Ranchita, CA